In visual art it’s always about light—irrespective of  the subject matter. Light itself is the primary creative and expressive medium of visual art.  Whatever the intermediate medium (oil, pastel, marble, pixel…), it is the medium of light that in the end all visual artists manipulate—whether painter, photographer, sculptor….

My evolving art practice includes three (frequently overlapping) components.  The first, based on my interest in the interconnectedness of light, art and place, centers primarily on natural light in the environment—photographic work that captures characteristic aspects of light representative of what I refer to as the visual terroir of a particular place.

The second is based on the phenomenon of natural lensing and image formation, the starting point for a range of work including water-lens portraiture and videography as well as both indoor and environmental installations utilizing “image-gathering” water lenses—fundamental bases for the very evolution of vision.

My third interest and effort involves the use of found objects in assemblage and sculpture that often evokes the relationship between sky and earth. These works include objects that have been sculpted, textured and/or patinated over time by natural entropic processes and forces—including those of light. The assemblage of found objects presents unique challenges and opportunities for composition in three dimensions, with the final result dependent on the shape, texture, and color, and even the history and origin of each of the component objects.

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