2014 Solo Sculpture Exhibition

Found Objects / Ambiguous Identities

A solo sculpture exhibition of found object assemblage by David Madacsi.

Mystic Arts Center   Mystic, CT   January 17 – March 1, 2014

Artist’s Statement

We value identity. We define our own and we defend it. We attach one to every other person, creature, organism–and object.

Found objects are objects that have been removed from the context for which they were originally fashioned and in which they had a defined purpose and identity.

Within the context of these found object assemblages, original identities are blurred and replaced by new ones—perhaps not so well defined. Ambiguous.

David Madacsi
January, 2014



Inner Timing

E Pluribus Unum

Off the Hook

The Heart Whispers

Lost Time

Grand Jeté



Impossible Dream

Inner Childhood

Remembering Stymie

Eternal Feminine


Desperately Seeking Leda

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